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At this year's European Development Days, our team of journalists will be talking to panellists, speakers, guests and exhibitors about the best practices to overcoming today’s key development challenges. Want to share your story?
Aleem Walji, Head of the Innovation Team at the World Bank Institute, explains how the bank has applied a knowledge-based approach in combination with new technologies to revolutionise capacity development.
Widespread access to the internet and mobile phones, even in the world’s poorest countries, are making the sharing of information easier than ever before and offer varied opportunities for improving development systems. Find out about some innovative new ideas.
We’re living in a fast moving world, where information is exchanged faster and more readily than at any other time in human history. At the European Commission, Klaus Rudischhauser, Deputy Director General of the European Commission’s development arm, EuropeAid, wants to develop the capacity of EC staff so that they can get more involved in communicating the ideas and position of the organisation.
With an estimated six billion cell phone subscribers worldwide, development actors are embracing the potential of using phones and other information and communications technologies – ICTs - for development purposes. Ecdpm’s Kathleen van Hove asks CGAP microfinance specialist Antonique Koning how donors can maximize their impact in this new arena, with particular focus on the use of mobile devices as part of the delivery mechanism for financial services.
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A new documentary is to be screened in Brussels that presents the experiences of human rights advocates from around the world who have used information and digital technology for positive change.
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As 2012 came to a close, the Coordination Team took a look back at some of the most popular Voices & Views (V&Vs) from 2012, which addressed issues from the Arab Spring to how to assist women entrepreneurs.
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 6 January 2016 reviews the most popular Voices & Views in 2015, a landmark year for development with several key events taking place as well as the International Year of Evaluation and the European Year for Development.
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 6 January 2017 reviews the most popular Voices & Views in 2016, which featured a variety of topics including disability, the garment industry, joint programming, extremism, and the new Consensus for Development. 
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The management and execution of the European Development Days is an enormous undertaking – from the choice of themes to promote, to deciding structure, engaging the relevant speakers and organisations, and communicating the event. EuropeAid’s Head of Communications, Stina Soewarta, provides insight into what she and her team did differently this year.