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  1. Facing up to gender stereotypes in Nicaragua

    Women in Nicaragua face high rates of gender-based violence, with 80% of all reported acts of sexual violence being committed against girls. Tackling the problems of gender, from violence to economic exclusion, must start with the acknowledgement of fundamental human rights.
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  2. Linking Farmers & Tourists to Solve Development Challenges in SIDS

    Developing the link between agriculture and tourism could be a significant opportunity for small island developing states. Already an expanding sector in several Pacific and Caribbean islands, agritourism can address a range of development challenges – among them low agricultural productivity, high...
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  3. Roadmaps to Engage Civil Society

    For European Union delegations and member states, working effectively with civil society organisations presents different challenges. In Chad it takes five days of desert travel to reach organisations in the north; in Azerbaijan there are about 3000 registered NGOs; in Trinidad & Tobago...
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  4. Europe’s priceless know-how on social protection and employment

    Most countries can finance some kind of social safety net through domestic resources, according to Belgian deputy prime minister and minister for development Alexander De Croo. But he says developing nations often lack the technical knowledge to build sustainable programmes for things like health...
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