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  1. Development Aid Support Mechanism

    Knowledge has an important role to play in addressing development issues, but this requires access to information as well as the availability of relevant and useful knowledge. Knowledge is central to sustainable development. Knowledge is essential for survival and sustainability. Better information...
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  2. It's really amazing the things we can ...

    We are connecting the Unconnected ( people who do not have access to internet and/or development information) and Connected ( people who have access to Internet and/or development information) to Development Matters (climate change, cybercrime, youth unemployment, youth violent extremism, terrorism...
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  3. Lesson learned during the training to demonstrate our field development support process in Kenya

    Our field development support mechanism process : During the training our volunteers are motivated and educated on development matters on our community learning center ( StayConnecteD4Dev ). They become skilled and motivated volunteers. Under the guidance and mentoring of our regional or local...
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  4. Our Program

    Click on here to access to our program Access to ICT skills and knowledge that promote local and global sustainable development is our chore. We believe that in this 21st century, human sustainable development requires public access to information, communication and technology. ICT skills and...
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  5. Education After the Disaster: Lessons from Haiti

    How can long-term development programmes survive the instant turmoil of a crisis situation? Alain Calosci, Technical Assistant at the European Union delegation to Haiti, tells us about his experience working on an education programme in the quake-struck Caribbean nation.
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  6. Haiti Quake Recovery: A Task for a Generation

    One year after a devastating earthquake hit the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti, homes, cities and lives still need to be rebuilt. While the European Union maintains that helping Haiti is a top priority, EU representatives concede the journey to recovery will occupy a generation.
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