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  1. Value Chain Analysis for Development (VCA4D)

    VCA4D performs Value Chain Analyses (VCA) to give a complete overview of a commodity in a country, providing policy makers with robustly informed knowledge to structure their policies, policy dialogue and projects. Based on a common methodological framework, the VCAs inform indicators through...
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  2. Linking Farmers & Tourists to Solve Development Challenges in SIDS

    Developing the link between agriculture and tourism could be a significant opportunity for small island developing states. Already an expanding sector in several Pacific and Caribbean islands, agritourism can address a range of development challenges – among them low agricultural productivity, high...
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  3. Leadership Programme at ILC

    A network is only as strong as its members. Transforming land governance depends on committed, capable, sustainable, and effective local and national organisations. Such organisations are able to make lasting change happen in their societies and communities. This is why ILC is piloting a leadership...
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  4. GCCA+ Community

    Sharing experiences and knowledge acquired while addressing climate change in development programmes
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  5. Decentralised cooperation

    Informal space for exchnage of information and discussion on topics related to Decentralised cooperation. Find all info, reports, videos and pictures of the 2019 Forum Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation following this link www.RegioCitiesConf2019.eu
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  6. Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Implementation of the Multi-annual Adaptation Strategy of the Sugar Industry 2006-2015 of Jamaica

    As part of the sugar reform, the EU has agreed to help affected countries adapt to the new situation, by supporting sugar adaptation strategies prepared by the governments concerned. In the case of...
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