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  1. Cambronero, Sergio; Midling, Michael; Molina, Francisco, 2012, Mid-term Evaluation- USAID Improving Access to Employment Program in El Salvador

    2.3 Direct actions in communities 2.3.6. Vocational education/skills training RECOMMENDATIONS : 15) Include focus on building relations with private sector companies to ensure employment of younger...
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  2. GOOD PRACTICE - Apoio aos trabalhadores na economia informal e grupos vulneráveis da região central da cidade de São Paulo para proteção social, acesso justiça e conquista dos direitos

    RESEARCH QUESTION : 3- Direct actions in communities SUB-TOPIC (Research matrix): Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) and Social Inclusion Promotion (3.1, 4.3) REGION - COUNTRY OF...
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  3. EU DGs Discuss Joint Programming

    A meeting of EU Director Generals for Development took place in Brussels on December 12th, 2012. This included discussions on joint programming. An informal summary of the meeting is available here . It was agreed that Heads of Mission in 41 countries would be contacted and asked to prepare a short...
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  4. Biocultural Community Protocol For The Territory Of The Supreme Community Council Of Alto San Juan Asocasan Tado, Chocó Department, Colombia

    Issue date: 2012 This Protocol was drawn up by Alto San Juan community representatives and members of ASOCASAN (the Supreme Community Council of the Upper San Juan River) over the last four months of...
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