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  1. Culture for the Future

    Before the International Colloquium "Culture for the Future", to which ………………… Creative industries' professionals from all regions of the world join the European Commission to define innovative and participatory ways contributing to build together a better future. “Culture for the Future” is a key...
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  2. Research results on Crowdfunding the Arts

    Crowdfunding campaigns found to build new audiences and raise profile Just one in ten of the arts organisations participating in Nesta’s matched crowdfunding programme said the effort they put into the project was too great in relation to the benefits. Crowd Photo: V31S70 on Visualhunt / CC BY A...
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  3. Au Maroc, avant projet de loi

    Fier et satisfait du travail entrepris depuis 3 ans avec @ happy smala Sayarh Menjra Law Firm @ Mariam Salam @afineety et @usembassy rabat en collaboration avec le Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances du Maroc sur le sujet crowdfunding. Le projet loi est au SGG, librement consultable avant de...
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