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  1. VIDEO - The EU Continues to Deliver in the Fight against Ebola: Prevention and Preparedness are key - Carla Montesi, EuropeAid

    The current situation The situation remains serious, despite the impressive mobilisation of international support. The Ebola epidemic is affecting the most vulnerable countries. It has a direct impact on their livelihoods and economies. And many economic sectors are affected including not just...
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  2. Focus on Ebola

    The recent Ebola virus outbreak has taken the world by surprise. Infecting over 17000 people, and resulting in a reported 6070 deaths to date*, this outbreak has raised several questions. Were we prepared enough to deal with such an outbreak? Was the international community too slow to respond? How...
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  3. Clean Energy Democratization in Nigeria

    In Nigeria, more than 85,000 deaths Occur annually, largely women and children are affected. Green Energy & Biofuels is a Social Enterprise doing something about it by converting Wastes; primarily Saw dust and Water Hyacinth into a Clean, Safe and Cheap BioEthanol Gel for Healthy Cooking. See...
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  4. Stories of change from Uganda - Government allocates 10 million USD to IRS to fight malaria

    BACKGROUND In Uganda, approximately 16 million malaria cases are reported, and over 6,000 deaths annually. Every day, up to 16 people die in Uganda, as a result of preventable Malaria. This situation has become Uganda the 9 th highest malaria burden country in the world. The burden of malaria is...
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  5. Brochure: Restaurer le système de santé en RCA

    LE FONDS BEKOU Est le premier fonds multi-bailleurs de l’Union européenne créé le 15 juillet 2014 à l’initiative de l’Union européenne, en tant que partenaire privilégié de la RCA, et de trois de ses états membres: la France, l’Allemagne et les Pays-Bas. Ce fonds a été baptisé Bêkou, ce qui...
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