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  1. Every Little Bit Helps

    Fostering Community Spirit in the Central African Republic International Medical Corps has been providing medical relief in the Central African Republic (CAR), a country haunted by instability and grappling with a weakened health system, since 2007. We are currently providing healthcare and other...
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  2. Burundi

    INTRODUCTION Burundi is a fragile state. It suffers from a high birth rate and a high density of inhabitants whereas development was weakening by civil war. The country faces many challenges in terms of economic and political governance. Two out of three people live under the poverty line. The...
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  3. Global Opportunity Report 2015

    The Global Opportunity Report 2015 aims to show how five major global risks to building a sustainable and prosperous society (the lack of fresh water, unsustainable urbanization, continued lock-in to fossil fuels, the rise in non-communicable diseases, and extreme weather) can be turned into 15...
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