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  1. The Global Action on Disabilities Network calls for addressing the urgent needs of the learners with disabilities during the COVID19 pandemic

    The inequality in education is growing due to the COVID19 pandemic. Learners with disabilities are especially vulnerable. The Global Action on Disabilities Network 's* (GLAD) Inclusive Education Working Group (IEWG) issued a statement on 4th of May to highlight the urgent need to support learners...
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  2. Free online training courses 16-40 Hours of videos, 3D games, E-books for beginners or advanced levels for project managers in ERASMUS+

    Join now at www.thecourses.eu Project manager in Erasmus Plus - online training course General description The online course Project Manager in Erasmus Plus will familiarise you with the basic concepts of project management applied in Erasmus+ projects. Topics covered We will cover some basic...
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  3. GPE Call for proposals: A stronger global and transnational environment for civil society advocacy and transparency

    The Global Partnership for Education announced the launch of a call for proposals for transnational advocacy grants under Education Out Loud , GPE’s fund for advocacy and social accountability managed by Oxfam IBIS. Education Out Loud provides support for civil society to become active and...
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  4. International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    EU funded Teacher Empowerment for Disability Inclusion (TEDI) project in South Africa empowers teachers through training that is focused on inclusivity, diversity and addressing learners’ disability-specific needs. The project has developed online courses that are available on Coursera, reaching...
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  5. 'Girl Friendly' School Spaces in Somalia

    Watch this video explaining the importance of providing school spaces and female teachers for girls in Somalia. Created by the European Union (EU), this video addresses the problem of female education and looks at why many Somalian girls do not go to school. It then showcases a local project...
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  6. Education - A Key Driver for Development

    Reactions to the Kapuscinski Development Lecture by Julia Gillard, Chair of the Board of Directors, Global Partnership for Education. Brussels, 11 February 2015 "While great progress has been made, it is a sad fact that 15 years after the UN Millennium Development Goals for education were...
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  7. Libuše Soukupová, Education in Bangladesh

    Libuše Soukupová, head of human and social development in the EU delegation to Bangladesh, explains how employers in the slums are being encouraged to send young workers to school. She also describes Bangladesh... "This is a country of 170 million people in an area of Benelux so you can imagine the...
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