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Camilla Hagstrom
12 October 2010

Public Group on Migration & Asylum

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Public group
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UNIDO Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development Organization
5 November 2010

The group is about three main topics: poverty reduction through productive activities; trade capacity-building and energy and environment.

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José BARO posted Information 8 July 2011

ONGD REMAR is currently contributing to rural developement in Burkina and other West African countries.

We have decided to focus our actions on three main components:

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Ziad Abbasi
6 December 2011

Developing micro projects outside big cities to create jobs and revenues

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Katri Maenpaa uploaded a new Document 27 June 2012
Katri Maenpaa posted Information 2 July 2012


Countries: Spain, Morocco, France, Egypt, Tunisia, Cyprus and all the southern Mediterranean countries

Project initiated in: 2004

Katri Maenpaa posted Information 2 July 2012


Promotion of European and Arab Cinema


Umberto Tromboni posted Information 8 August 2012
The European Commission's project RENAF/AFRETEP (African Renewable Energy Technology Platform) organised three workshops in Kampala (October 2011), Ouagadougou (November 2011) and Cape Town (February 2012).
Umberto Tromboni uploaded a new Document 8 August 2012

Alba Riobó Souto posted Information 17 August 2012

The 2012 edition of the annual African Economic Outlook reviews and analyses the development of the economic, social and political situation in 53 of the 54 countries on the continent.