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Frederic Saliez uploaded a new Document 29 October 2013

This note outlines the case for a stand-alone urban SDG.

Maria Donata Rinaldi posted Information 8 October 2014
Group: MedMedia

A civil society can not survive without knowledge and information, for which the media are the vehicles.

Armin Wagner posted Information 24 October 2014

This webinar will explore the pathways for low-carbon transport and provide an overview on key policy measures at the local and national level. The webinar will be conducted by Oliver Lah (Wuppertal Institute).

Thursday, 6 November 2014,

Katya Ivanova posted Information 4 November 2014

Education empowers women and girls. It provides them with the ability and knowledge needed to direct their own lives.

Elisa Vanin uploaded a new Document 29 December 2014
Ileana Nicolau posted Information 6 January 2015

Chers membres du groupe Bêkou,

Pour commencer l'année, nous partageons avec vous les réalisations accomplies par Bêkou depuis sa création, à travers cette carte illustrant les différentes actions financées par le fonds actuellement menées en République centrafricaine.

Ileana Nicolau posted Information 12 January 2015

Le quotidien français Le Monde revient sur la stratégie de l'UE en faveur de la RCA, les innovations apportées par le premier fonds fiduciaire européen – Bêkou en particulier dans un contexte où la résilience doit être renforcée, et les principaux programmes financés par le Fonds Bêkou, dans un a

Fannie Delavelle posted Information 13 January 2015

The GCCA+ flagship initiative approved new funding worth €30 million for climate programmes in Cambodia, Niger, Mali, the Seychelles, Rwanda, and Pacific islands highlighting Europe’s support for countries most vulnerable to climate change.

Fannie Delavelle posted Information 13 January 2015

This free online course by the University of Geneva provides an overview of climate change adaptation for the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) with a focus on the environmental perspective.