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Enrique Rebolledo uploaded a new Document 28 October 2014

Climatescope assessed 26 Latin America and Caribbean nations, from Mexico in North America, to Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, to Chile in South America.

Enrique Rebolledo uploaded a new Document 21 October 2014

Moving to a Low Carbon Economy: The Financial Impact of the Low-Carbon Transition,” compares the costs of low-carbon electricity and low-carbon transportation systems with current systems.

Enrique Rebolledo uploaded a new Document 8 June 2015

#ClimateFinance for cities: how can climate funds best support low-carbon and climate resilient urban development? 

Enrique Rebolledo posted Information 20 July 2015

We know that climate change is a problem – but how big a problem is it? We have to answer this question before we can make a good decision about how much effort to put into dealing with it.

Enrique Rebolledo uploaded a new Document 23 July 2015

Decisiones de la décima reunión de la Junta Directiva del Fondo Verde Climático

18 August 2015 to 9 September 2015
in Washington DC (United States)
Organised byWorld Bank

This course is designed to provide learners with an overview of the critical
concepts of climate finance as well as tangible best practices for scaling-up
international climate finance to address mitigation and adaptation activities
in developing countries.