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  1. Success Story: Advancing capacity for greening Lesotho's national development

    The European Union has developed a training programme to improve the effectiveness of its interventions where the environment and climate change are at play, thereby contributing to poverty eradication, sustainable development and green growth. Standard training sessions are adapted to the context...
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  2. Geoinformation for Disaster Risk Reduction Concepts, Applications and International Programs

    COOPI- Z_GIS/Malawi/2018. A presentation on Disaster Risk Reduction, offering definitions, conceptual frameworks and application of Geoinformation in disaster risk reduction allover the world...
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  3. Introduction to Community Mapping and Participatory GIS Objectives, Aims, Feedback

    COOPI, Z_GIS/Malawi/2018. A presentation on Community Mapping and participatory Geographic information systems, Presented by Centre for Geoinformatics- University of Salzburg, Austria to DRM...
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  4. Participatory Community Mapping Hazards & Vulnerability Methodology

    COOPI, Z_GIS/Malawi/2018. A presentation on Participatory Community Mapping, Hazards and Vulnerability Methodology- covering Methodological strategies and approaches in Mapping Flood Hazards. Two...
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  5. Malawi: using drones to limit the impact of natural disasters, AID ZONE, Euronews, April 2018

    COOPI/MALAWI/2018 Half of Malawi was hit by the worst floods on record in 2015 . Over one million people were affected. Almost 300 people were killed or went missing and more than 370,000 were...
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  6. Forecast Based Financing to provide pre alerts and financing ahead of natrual disasters in Malawi

    Red Cross Society; Malawi-Belgian-Netherlands-Danish/Malawi/2018. A feasability study to assess the potential for the use of 'Forecast Based Financing' to provide pre alerts and financing ahead of...
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  7. Etude sur les causes de la malnutrition aigüe dans huit communes dans le sud de Madagascar

    UNICEF/2017. The causal analysis of acute malnutrition (Link NCA) in eight municipalities in southern Madagascar was carried out by CAETIC Development between November 2017 and March 2018. The...
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