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Karina Ufert uploaded a new Document 23 April 2014
Suhair Muhye Al Deen uploaded a new Document 14 April 2014
Group: Medculture

Identification and Feasibility Mechanisms for a Programme Dedicated to Culture in the Med region - Culture as a Strategic Factor of Political, Economic and Social Development

Fernando Aidos uploaded a new Document 9 February 2015

The following document contains observations on the real conditions on the ground as one considers education and development in developing countries. 

Nadège Riche uploaded a new Document 2 October 2014

In Uganda, the policy context relating to disability is forward looking and rights based, broadly considering the situation of adults with disabilities.

Luis Lechiguero uploaded a new Document 5 March 2015

This document reports on the lesson learning reflection Workshop for stakeholders working in Ethiopia on contextual Integration of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in primary education curricula through a Children in Emergency Response and Disaster Mitigation.

Raffaela Kihrer uploaded a new Document 22 June 2015