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Zaira Girbau Garcia posted Information 26 January 2010

At a cost of about 8MD, this project involves the creation of an international training center for graduates of engineering schools and universities in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency and creating an international center of expertise in the technology

Ian Attfield posted Information 21 January 2011

Bridging the digital divide Originally Posted 22 November 2010

Working in various developing countries for a long time (I've been overseas now for around 15 years) sometimes gives me first hand evidence of how initiatives can grow and adapt over time – and often for the best.

ADAM MCCARTY posted Information 12 March 2012

In 1955, Simon Kuznets, a development economist, presented a theory of the relationship between income inequality in a country and the path to becoming a rich developed country.

Gérard Chenais posted Information 24 July 2012

About improving education (sector) statistics section in the Guide, it might be worth mentioning in the next revision, the work on quality of education statistics being done in Africa by the Unesco Institution of Statistics team based in DAKAR.

Alicia Martin Diaz posted Information 15 September 2011

REDEinclusão is a Portuguese language network for inclusive education.  

Alicia Martin Diaz posted Information 30 August 2011

The Global Partnership on Disability and Development (GPDD) and allies are working together to raise awareness and contribute with useful information and tools in order to ensure that reconstruction efforts after Haiti earthquake involve people with dis

Rafael Barrio posted Information 8 September 2012

The constant economic, social and technology change are bringing about profound changes in

Sophie De Coninck posted Information 21 March 2013

The series of “sector scripts” on the response to climate change in the context of development and external cooperation programmes was developed by EuropeAid.

Laura Giappichelli posted Information 14 January 2014

The International Institute for Environment and Development recently published:  A framework for mainstreaming climate resilience in development planning.