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21 March 2011 to 24 March 2011
in Amman (Jordan)

*Objective - *The objective of the seminar is to share experience on support
programs to the water sector and discuss the applicability of various tools
that have been developed. The expected outcome is that delegation staff will
be well positioned to take up the dialogue with the national partners and
engage with other development partners.

*Participants - *The participants will be staff from EU delegations that are
in the process of formulating support programmes to the water sector or
involved in water where it is not a focal sector as well as officials from
AIDCO/ DG DEV, Member States and their aid agencies and International
Finance Institutions.  A total of 25- 30 participants are expected. An
active participation by delegation staff through presentation of case
studies will form the backbone of the seminar. 

*Outline Agenda - *The event will take place over 4 days in Jordan 
(21-24th March inclusive). An outline agenda is attached. Seminar topics
will include: Policy; IWRM and sector finance.

*Day 1 – Policy *

* Case study on Jordan
* Case study on Post conflict (potentially Palestinian territories, Lebanon,
* Case study on Other countries (potentially Israel, Syria, Yemen,

*Day 2 – Field Trip to Jordan River*

*Day 3 IWRM*

* Case study on EUWI – MED, (transboundary – DEVCO)
* Sub-regional cases : (Project Jordanie-Israel/Palestine )
* Case study on SBS  (potentially Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Moldova, Tunis)
* Case study on countries where water is not  a focal issue: (Potentially
Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine)

*Day 4 Finance*

* How EIB works (EIB). The Syria example
* Sustainable finance – (utility manager in Amman)

*Preparation work required by delegations - *Preparation of case studies
within 3 themes will be a key to the success. A 10-15 slide presentation
will be expected (10-15 minutes) – where relevant this can also be backed
up by a short page written report. The default structure is flexible and
could include:

* Brief history of EC support to the water sector in the particular country,
including current process of programming
* Summary of the national sector framework: across the 7 assessment
factors: (policy; budget; coordination; institutional capacity;
performance monitoring; macro-economic environment; public financial
management) – here the presentation can be tailored according to the
theme chosen.
* Other development partners active, donor coordination mechanisms – this
part could be expanded for the coordination theme.
* Major challenges/ opportunities facing the water sector in the country
* Major challenges / opportunities in the provision of external support to
the water sector
* Areas of uncertainty and doubt in programming
* Lessons learnt and avoidable errors

10 October 2011 to 15 December 2011

The authors of a background note, ‘Using Political Economy Analysis to
Improve European Union Development Effectiveness’,  are posting a draft
version of their findings in The Political Economy in Practice working group
and invite interested capacity4dev members to offer their feedback. The
discussion begins on the 10th October.

From9 October 2012
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byYannik Jadot, Fiona Hall and FERN

 **Exploring a decade of achievements and challenges in the EU Forest Law
Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) programme**


** llegal logging costs developing countries US$15 billion in lost revenues
each year (World Bank), and has helped to fund national and regional
conflicts.  In March next year, the EU Timber Regulation will place
restrictions on timber legally allowed to enter the EU.**








**This timely conference will examine the ten year history of the EU Forest
Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan, and explore any
lessons for the future. EU FLEGT has emerged as a uniquely inclusive,
innovative approach to  protecting forests and the livelihoods of the people
who use them.**

***Speakers will include:* MEPs Yannick Jadot and Fiona Hall, Goldman
environment prize winner Silas Siakor, former Guardian Environment Journalist
of the year Fred Pearce, civil society representatives from forest producing
countries, the EU Timber Trade Federation, and International NGOs. More
speakers will be announced later.**

** **



From30 November 2012
in Doha (Qatar)
Organised byEuropean Commission – Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA)

Through the GCCA and geographical programmes, the EU provides assistance for
climate change across the world with a special focus on LDCs and SIDs.

The EU is thriving to make climate change support effective, helping
government partners to integrate climate change into national development
planning and budgeting and piloting budget support. In doing so, it ensures
full alignment with country's strategies and systems and long-term
institutional strengthening. Through this focus, the EU is also helping
countries increasing their absorptive capacities and preparing to receive
long-term climate change finance, paving the way for long-term climate
compatible development. It also serves as catalyst to further integrate
climate change into EU regular development aid, thereby creating a multiplier

As the future of the GCCA is being shaped, the side event will bring to the
table voices from developing countries on early results, lessons learned and
priorities for the next years.

From23 May 2013
in Jambi (Indonesia)
Organised byWWF-Indonesia & Aliansi Pemantau Independen Kehutanan Sumatera (APIKS) Simpul Jambi

Workshop:Penguatan Pemahaman Para-Pihak terhadap Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas
Kayu (SVLK)

To be held in Jambi on May 23, 2013

It is expected that 45 participants from CSO, communities, government, and
corporate in Jambi will attend the event.

From27 February 2013
in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Malaysia)
Organised byWWF-MY & Sabah Forestry Department

Meeting was organised to:

1) Update the particiapant on the FLEGT-VPA status and the development of
Sabah TLAS

2) Discuss the Sabah TLAS document that has been reviewed and commented by
Joint Expert Meeting members on the 22nd-25th Janaury 2013

3) Revisit the amendments and corrections made during the previous
consultation meeting that was held on the 14th-15th Janauary 2013 at Le
Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as well as the JEM meeting

4) To update and improve the Sabah TLAS from both meetings.

14 May 2014 to 25 June 2014
in Telford (United Kingdom)
Organised byCentre for International Development and Training, University of Wolverhampton, UK

Applications NOW being accepted for a 6 week "Improving Forest Governance"
course in May - June 2014 (delivered in French and English). The course is
focused on 3 core modules covering governance, trade, communication and
planning processes, with up to 2 optional modules on Forests and Climate
Change, Training of Trainers, Proposal writing/ Project design and Developing
Communication strategies. 18 core funded places for key stakeholders in VPA
processes, self funded applications welcomed.

For details, please see [1].


From30 April 2014
in Amman (Jordan)
Organised byMed Culture

Participation to this event is upon invitation.

This roundtable comes as part of the consultations that Med Culture is
conducting in the Mediterranean partner countries benefitting from the
programme’s support to enhance cultural policies and relevant institutional
structures. The purpose of these meetings is to involve diverse stakeholders
in both public & private sectors in the identification of priority areas in
terms of policy development by assessing the needs, challenges and capacities
in the Culture & creative sectors. The input of the participants shall feed
the design and implementation of corresponding action plans.

From2 December 2014
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byVSO

VSO has the pleasure to invite you to a paneldebate focused on the role
of /human capital/ in development.The debate will be followed by a cocktail
reception and photo exhibition, showcasing the work of some of the firstEU
Aid Volunteers in the Philippines and India.To confirm your participation and
register, click here: [1]


29 March 2014 to 30 March 2014
in Shanghai (China)
Organised byAsia-Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society (APCBEES)

The objective of the 2014 International Conference on Food Security and
Nutrition (ICFSN 2014) [1] is to provide a platform for researchers,
engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the
world to present their research results and development activities in Food
Security and Nutrition. Regsitration is possible up to 20/02/2014.