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  1. Social Inclusion

    In a socially inclusive society, all people feel valued, their differences are respected, and their basic needs are met so they can live in dignity. Generally, social inclusion represents people’s capabilities to exercise their human rights and a set of civil liberties that enable them to...
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  2. Informal Economy

    The informal economy is a part of the economy - including enterprises, jobs, and workers - that is not regulated or protected by the State. Although not in the usual sense, the informal economy is a sector of the economy, concerning inter alia agriculture, manufacturing, trade, transport and...
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  3. Formalising the IE & Decent Work

    The transition from the informal to the formal economy has been discussed at the 103rd session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) in 2014 (see the two reports here and here ) and is again on the agenda of the 104th session, this June, in view of the adoption of recommendations (see at...
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  4. Thematic Sections

    You can find here the link to IESF Library Structure dynamic map about thematic sections, where the documents uploaded on the IESF Group can be found according to following categories: Informal Economy (Macro and Meso Level) Enabling Environment Training and Education Micro-Finance Social Inclusion...
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  5. 4. Stories from the Field

    Dear implementing partners, This message is to introduce you to a new section of our IESF group on Capacity4Dev. The section is called: " Stories from the field " and is principally meant to give other IESF members a good and interesting understanding of your work. We see this section as an...
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  6. KEEPING TRACK - Newsletters

    This is the first issue of KEEPING TRACK . A newsletter on EU Roadmaps for engagement with Civil Society. With stories from the field, the enabling environment and an interview with Cornelius Hacking of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Voilà le premier numéro de KEEPING TRACK , le...
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