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4 April 2011 to 5 April 2011
in Tegucigalpa (Honduras)
28 June 2011 to 29 June 2011

Towards a PV market without subsidies: Optimise your PV balance of systems
and maximise efficiency for improved profit margins

·*Finding the LCOE for PV for a future without subsidies *– Get the very
latest on how Balance of Systems will be the differentiator in the battle for
reduced LCOE

·*Increasing voltage, increasing efficiency* - As PV systems in Europe head
towards 1500v, understand how inverters, cabling and other components will
cope with increased voltage

·*Installation cost-savers* – Discover how ease of installation will
improve your plants LCOE and understand the efficiency gains behind plug and
play systems

·*A-Z of components* – From inverters to cables, mounting systems to
trackers, get the low-down on how to make critical efficiency gains & reduce
costs that will boost your profit margins

·*Plant modelling and PV performance data* – Analyse the latest PV plant
figures and gain valuable lessons for your project

·*Finance and FiTs* – With feed-in tariff uncertainty rife in Europe,
understand the impact that optimised balance of systems will have on your
system efficiency and ultimate longevity

7 September 2011 to 8 September 2011

*Go large without breaking the bank: Design & construct super-scale CSP
plants for maximum efficiency and ROI*

• *Design and Construction* – make your CSP vision a reality with expert
solutions for new generation plants to drive record-breaking efficiency and
reduce costs

• *Component Choice* – Tested methods to ensure you select the right
components to achieve optimum performance vs. cost ratio

• *Experience Matters* – Hear from those who have done it! Vital lessons
on how to maximize output and avoid costly mistakes

• *Dispatchability *– The very latest advancements in thermal storage
technologies to give your project the edge over PV

• *Reaching Economies of Scale* – Take advantage of your project’s
scalability for reduced component costs and a competitive LCOE

Jack Ahearne

/Global Events Director/

*CSP Today*

 +44 (0) 20 7375 7556
US toll free: 1800 814 3459 ex: 7556
Linked-In: [1]


14 November 2011 to 15 November 2011

*/CPV industry evolution: Your roadmap to sure-fire market share/*

The 3rd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit USA (14-15 November, San Jose) will
bring together the biggest and best in the CPV community, demonstrating the
evolution of the market and showing the steps that will lead to increased
market share.  Hear about landmark projects from the biggest players in the
industry, and learn how to meet the expectations of CPV’s biggest

* *Proving CPV’s viability*– convince the sceptics with the landmark
case studies that are leading the charge towards market maturity

* *Finance in focus *– devise slick strategies to secure
investment for your system with the invaluable experience of top
financial experts
* *Your customers and you*– discover the key to successful
collaboration with CPV end-users, by understanding and meeting their
* *From the periphery to market share *– find out how a critical mass
of CPV is turning the technology into a real contender and what it
means for your business

* *CPV market insight*– arm yourself with the facts about CPV performance
and acceptance, and formulate your winning business tactics

12 September 2011 to 23 September 2011
in The Hague (Netherlands)

During this innovative two-week training course [1]which will be held from
12 until 23 September 2011, the following key questions will be discussed:

* How can you increase social and financial accountability in your
municipality or projects towards citizens?
* How can they benefit from involving citizens and organisations in a smart
* What are the different steps of communication and participation and when
and how should these steps be used?
* How to deal with corruption and promote integrity?

You will discuss the accountability chain, the participation ladder and the
do´s and don´ts of citizen participation. Furthermore, you will work on
case studies from different parts of the world, experience different
perspectives in role-play and go on study visits to municipalities, active
citizen groups and participation projects in the field of urban planning,
social cohesion and safety.

*Learning objectives*

This course will help you:

* define your own role and responsibilities in participation processes as
well as the role of your partners;
* specify the conditionsfor successful participation projects;
* apply tools for communication with citizens, NGOs and other stakeholders;
* identify the do’s and don’ts of citizen participation and
accountability processes;
* consider municipalities’ social and financial accountability to their
* understand and recognize structures behind corruption and get acquainted
with possible counter-measures.

*Learn from experts and other participants*

Contributions come from professionals and practitioners in the field of
citizen participation and social and financial accountability, for example,
from mayors and deputy-mayors, municipal staff, experts from well-known
institutes and residents. During the course there is also ample time to
exchange experiences with the other participants.

*Deadline for application is 15 July. There are only a few places left!*

For more information, please see [2] or contact us at [3].


28 June 2011 to 30 June 2011
in Brussels (Belgium)

This 3 day seminar is tailored for 35-40 participants from EU delegations,
headquarters as well as representatives of donor organisations (EIB, OECD,
WB/WSP, IRC, bilateral donors and others) as well representatives of partner
countries. The objective of the seminar is to provide participants with a
deeper understanding of the current challenges in water supply and

28 November 2011 to 30 November 2011

CSP Today Sevilla is the premier international Concentrated Solar Thermal
Power meeting place and in its 5th edition it will give you the ultimate CSP
learning & industry networking experience. With over 700 top attendees, this
is by far the biggest, best, and most influential CSP industry event.
At CSP TODAY SEVILLA 2011, you will find the answers to your most pressing
CSP challenges and gain invaluable knowledge including:

* GET COMPETITIVE, TODAY:  Learn from industry successes and failures to
boost your performance, compete successfully with PV and build a
sustainable GW business in a post-incentives market
* DELVE INTO NEW MARKETS: From India to South Africa and beyond, get an
invaluable guide to the CSP hotspots around the globe to seize the
opportunities for maximum success in emerging markets
* SLASH YOUR COSTS, LIFT YOUR ROI: Get the very latest in state of the art
technology, engineering and innovation to guarantee an optimised project
from day one
* TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR USP: Get up to speed on game-changing applications
and dispatchablity solutions and capitalize on these innovative options
for your business
* GET FINANCED IN A POST-FIT ERA: Where, how, who and when – hear the full
story behind investor buy-in and draw in new cash streams
* EUROTRICITY: Tap into the single European Energy Market and exploit the
opportunity to export clean power from North Africa [1]


17 November 2011 to 18 November 2011

This is a 2 day conference that deals with the technical intricacies of how
to successfully streamline your design, engeneering and construction
strategies, including:

* Integrating BoS Components – Streamline your BoS design, component
installation and plant layout  to improve efficiency and boost your
bottom line
* Enhanced Engineering – Master the art of BoS Engineering to ensure
maximized efficiency and realize your plants true output potential
* Plant Construction – Successfully execute your project on time and
budget, with step-by-step strategies to reduce installation time and
labour costs
* Procurement – An Expert Guide to component selection that will guarantee
optimum performance vs. cost ratio
* Your Roadmap to Success – Take advantage of on-the-ground experience to
get proven and effective strategies that will give your plant the PPA edge

This conference is a highly targeted, senior level technical event for
decision making attendees and is aimed at leading Developers, EPCs and
Utilities including CEO’s, Vice Presidents, Project Managers, Construction
Managers, Plant Managers and Technical Engineers from the most prominent
companies active in the global utility scale PV market. [1]


From16 November 2011

How to optimize your PV operations and management strategy for improved plant
output and increased profits
As the US PV industry continues to boom, more projects are being built
without a robust O&M strategy. The status quo of just ensuring the projects
get constructed at the lowest price is not only unpopular but an unprofitable
short sighted approach towards the life cycle of your plant.
'Contrary to popular belief, PV power plants are not maintenance free; they
require a regimen of continual monitoring, periodic inspection, scheduled
preventative maintenance, and service calls' EPRI Whitepaper Report
In today’s competitive market, ensuring you have an effective asset
management strategy is more than just increasing your uptime it is also about
gaining investor’s confidence. That is why it now key to demonstrate the
long term productivity & profitability of your plant through an O&M plan that
will yield a higher ROI!
At the PV Plant Operations and Management Training Workshop you will get
answers to:

* How can O&M profit your business? Learn about the steps needed to take at
the pre-construction phase that will dramatically improve long term plant
* Maintenance Strategies:  Designing a cost effective schedule that
balances preventative and reactive maintenance for increased plant
* Monitoring Solutions: Understanding key data that provides a detailed
analysis on the plant’s performance so you can prevent failure and
guarantee ROI on your system
* Warranties & EPC Contracting: Ensuring you protect the value of your PV
asset through full proof EPC and service provider agreements
* Little shop of PV Horrors and Triumphs: - Case studies demonstrating the
real cost of both effective and ineffective O&M strategies and how they
impacted plant performance and your bottom line

For more information, please visit: [1]


17 October 2011 to 19 October 2011

he Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo 2011 is Nigeria’s premier alternative
energy event. NAEE 2011 takes place at the Yaradua Convention Centre, Abuja
Nigeria from October 17-19 2011. The event organisers promises and
impressive line-up of local and international speakers, delegates and
exhibitors, who will gather to debate a new energy future for Africa's
biggest nation.

This year’s conference will focus on the theme reforming the Nigerian
Power sector with Alternative Solutions. NAEE 2011 takes place in
partnership with Nigerian’s Energy Commission, Renewable energy programme
of the ministry of Environment,  Presidential Action committee on Power
(PACP), as well as numerous other local and multinational organisations,
like  REEEP, AREA, UNEP from both the public and private sectors, whose
core competency is in developing solutions to Africa’s energy
requirements. This year event will attract more than 4,000 renewable energy
power professionals and over 200 exhibiting companies from all over the

The objective of the Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo is to:

* Create a platform for all stakeholders to network and transfer knowledge
and skills.
* Raise awareness and educate the public about climate change in Nigeria
and the World.
* Showcase both local and international initiatives and technologies that
are at the forefront of renewable energy and climate change resilience.
* Mobilise Nigerians across all sectors to act on climate change in all
aspects of their lives. Create a platform for Business, Government and
NGO's to showcase Alternative Energy solutions and climate change
initiatives and technologies.

This year's workshop highlights critical industry issues to the forefront.
Featuring prominent industry speakers and representatives, the programme is
designed to enable delegates stay abreast of industry developments, obtain
technical knowledge and understand the issues affecting today's global
energy industry in the Nigerian context. Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo
will Feature insightful discussions and presentations related to
technology, strategies and policies covering the wind, solar, biomass,
hydro, geothermal, ocean/tidal/wave, bio-power, bio-fuels and hydrogen
energy sectors.
There has never been a better time to be a part of this exciting moment
that the Nigerian government as pledged to deliver uninterrupted power
through alternative energy. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with
thousands of experts’ and stake holders in the Nigerian Market.