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  1. Creative Force Programme

    CREATIVE FORCE PROGRAMME - Africa - Sweden Visionary Meetings Countries: Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda Project initiated in: 2008 Presented by: Swedish Institute (SI) Partners: British Council, Swedish National Theatre, Selam, Djef Djel, Cinem Africa...
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  2. Mobile Digital Cinema

    MOBILE DIGITAL CINEMA - Access to Culture and Human Development Countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger Project initiated in: 2001 Presented by: the European Commission Partners: European Union, French Cooperation, Swiss Cooperation, International Organisation of La Francophonie, CulturesFrance...
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  3. Ecole des Sables

    L’ÉCOLE DES SABLES - Local Development of the Arts Sector Country: Senegal Project initiated in: 1996 Presented by: European Commission Partners: Bilateral cooperation between Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Arts International (USA). More than twenty other partners from...
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  4. African Tour Circuit

    AFRICAN TOUR CIRCUIT - Artistic diffusion and development of a sector of activity Country: initially South Africa, extending to the rest of the continent Project initiated in: 2006 Presented by: Mimeta – Centre for Culture and Development Partners: Pamberi Trust and African Synergy Trust - Back to...
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  5. RehabiMed

    REHABIMED Countries: Spain, Morocco, France, Egypt, Tunisia, Cyprus and all the southern Mediterranean countries Project initiated in: 2004 Presented by: Barcelona School for Builders, Architects and Structural Engineers (CAATEEB) Partners: Mediterranean Centre of Environment in Marrakech, Egyptian...
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  6. Media Support

    Media Support Country: Tunisia Project initiated in: 2011 Presented by: Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI) Partners: Written, radio and television press Project budget: EUR 20 000 - Back to the Projects Overview page - // Context In a context where freedom of expression is regularly at stake,...
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  7. WaPi

    WaPi (Words and Pictures) - Enhancing social cohesion and citizenship through the arts Countries : Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Malawi and Sierra Leone Project initiated in: 2007 and completed in 2009 Presented by: British Council Partners: Private sponsors Project...
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  8. Comic Strip School

    COMIC STRIP SCHOOL – Developing Competencies in the Cultural Sector Country: Morocco Project initiated in: 2000 Presented by: Wallonie-Bruxelles International Partners: Ministry of Culture in Morocco, bilateral cooperation between France and Spain and local authorities Project budget: EUR 500 000 (...
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