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  1. Lessons for effective resilience programs: a case study of the RAIN RAIN (Revitalizing Agricultural/Pastoral Incomes and New Markets) program in Ethiopia by Mercycorps

    This learning study explores how innovative elements of the programme design -namely the combination of flexible humanitarian funding, a multi-year project time-frame, and relief to development...
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  2. Cluster Level

    Through this page we are gathering relevant information on joint analysis and combined response to the targeted communities at the cluster level. Stakeholders and ECHO/DEVCO partners can raise and discuss issues related to coordination mechanisms, information on programmed activities, events,...
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  3. Keeping Track of Adaptation Actions in Africa: Targeted Fiscal Stimulus Actions Making a Difference

    Publication Date: 2014 With the African population expected to increase to 2 billion by 2050, and nearly 65% of African livelihoods directly linked to agriculture-dominated landscapes, it is critical...
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