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  1. Analysis of selected policies towards universal health coverage in Uganda: the policy implementation barometer protocol

    Abstract Background Policy implementation remains an under researched area in most low and middle income countries and it is not surprising that several policies are implemented without a systematic follow up of why and how they are working or failing. This study is part of a larger project called...
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  2. SPEED project Uganda - Indoor Residual Spraying: The low cost intervention for eliminating malaria in Uganda

    The SPEED Project at Makerere University School of Public Health recently held a consultative meeting with different actors and stakeholders in malaria control in Northern Uganda on the benefits and challenges of Indoor Residual Spraying as a key malaria control strategy. The meeting that brought...
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  3. Treating Invisible Wounds

    Mental Health and Psychosocial Support In The Central African Republic The military-political crisis that broke out in 2012 has severely crippled the healthcare system in the Central African Republic (CAR). This is especially true when it comes to mental health services. Stigmatisation and...
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  4. Stories of change from Uganda - Government allocates 10 million USD to IRS to fight malaria

    BACKGROUND In Uganda, approximately 16 million malaria cases are reported, and over 6,000 deaths annually. Every day, up to 16 people die in Uganda, as a result of preventable Malaria. This situation has become Uganda the 9 th highest malaria burden country in the world. The burden of malaria is...
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