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From8 December 2009

The SWAC/OECD is leading a regional dialogue on West African dynamics related
to commercial pressure on land. As part of this dialogue process, the SWAC is
organising a conference on 9 December in which we would like to invite you to
participate. The African Union and ECOWAS are discussing guidelines as it is
essential for West African countries to have a common position. Within the
context and during the G8, some investor states are also calling for fair and
respectful negotiations. As it is difficult to take into account the
competitive positions or even national political and economic interests, this
conference shall be an opportunity to reach consensus among representatives
of organisations, institutions and states.

From24 January 2010



/Rome, 25 Jan 2010/.  Land tenure and access to land are key to a number of
rural development issues, not to mention basic economic and social human
rights, such as the right to food.  Land Day aims to zero in on land and
associated agro-industry related global challenges with a long-term rural
development perspective.

It will provided an important opportunity to share knowledge on the diversity
of initiatives related to land policies, land governance and investment and
rural development, and provide ground to move toward identifying a tool kit
for improved coordination among stakeholders.

*Meeting objectives *

* To share knowledge on the diversity of ongoing initiatives related to land
policies and land tenure;
* To put some of the recent and new land-related global challenges and new
topics in context and in a broader perspective, considering linkages in a
perspective of long-term rural development;
* To prepare a possible improved collaboration and cooperation among
stakeholders and establish a further process of knowledge exchange with a
broader group of stakeholders.

The outputs of Land Day will be subsequently taken up at a session on Land
and Development at the Platform Annual General Assembly, 26-27 January 2010.

See the agenda attached for more information

25 January 2010 to 26 January 2010

*Private sector consultation* in London, United Kingdom (25-26 January 2010)
co-organized with *RICS* [1].

Agenda not yet available!


22 March 2010 to 24 March 2010

*European regional consultation* in Bucharest, Romania (22-24 March 2010)
co-organized with *GTZ* [1] and *National Agency for Cadastre and Land
Registration, Romania* [2].

Agenda not yet available!


20 January 2010 to 21 January 2010

Cameroon’s energy experts debate the best way forward for their resource
rich country. The conference held on 20-21 January 2009 is a must attend for
senior industry representative, legal advisors, financial sponsors operating
in these sectors and other professionals interested in initiating investments
in the Cameroon energy and water resource sector.

For further information: [1]


29 June 2010 to 1 July 2010

AEF is the marketplace for business opportunities in the African power
sector. Those African countries that have succeeded in attracting the most
investment are those that make the most use of the Africa Energy Forum to
meet the market.

AEF is held in Europe and provides easy access to the world’s major
investors, financiers, developers, and advisors.

For further information, please, visit the AEF website [1].


25 September 2010 to 30 September 2010

At the 9th WREC Congress in Florence, Italy held in September 2006 the
Council of WREC/WREN voted to hold the World Renewable Energy Congress XI in
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (September 2010).
Abu Dhabi Environment Agency and WREN have agreed the theme of the Congress
and the associated Exhibition to be: *TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT: Green
Buildings and Renewable Energy Options*.
Recognizing the synergy between sustainable development, green buildings and
energy, the organizers welcome MASDAR’s participation to enhance the use of
Renewable Energy in Green Buildings to achieve a sustainable environment in
the UAE and globally.
The Congress is under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed
Al Nahyan Ruler’s Representative in the Western Region Abu Dhabi and
Chairman of Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi.

 Further information: [1]


18 January 2010 to 21 January 2010

World Future Energy Summit, the world’s platform for sustainable future
energy solutions, provides an ideal networking event for industry leaders,
investors, scientists, specialists, policymakers and researchers to discuss
the challenges of rising energy demand and actions to achieve a cleaner and
more sustainable future for the world.

In April 2006, Abu Dhabi took a bold and historic decision to embrace
renewable and sustainable energy solutions. As the first major
hydrocarbon-producing nation to take such a step, it established its
leadership position by launching Masdar, a global cooperative platform
dedicated to finding and deploying solutions to some of the mankind’s most
pressing issues: energy security, climate change and truly sustainable human
development. [1]


12 May 2010 to 14 May 2010

*Wind Power Africa 2010*

12-14 May 2010, Cape Town, South Africa
further information: [1]


11 May 2010 to 12 May 2010

======== SOLAR MAGHREB =======================================================

.... Developing large scale North African solar markets

.. Algiers, Algeria:  11—12, May 2010