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Public group
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Camilla Hagstrom
12 October 2010

Public Group on Migration & Asylum

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Public group
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UNIDO Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development Organization
5 November 2010

The group is about three main topics: poverty reduction through productive activities; trade capacity-building and energy and environment.

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26 September 2012 to 28 September 2012

The World Clean Technology Summit will bring together world leaders in
renewable energy, exhibitors, investors, scientists and clean technology
providers from around the world to engage, interact with each other, exchange
business contacts, forge partnerships, and pave a way forward for a
sustainable future. The Following are objectives for the World Clean
Technology Summit: • Create a shared understanding of the role governments,
private sector, Non-Profit, Academic and the media play in promoting clean
technologies to achieve a sustainable future for all; • Provide a platform
for companies, investors, Governments, foundations, Academicians and civil
society organizations to share the efforts they are undertaking to promote
clean technologies and to publicize new commitments to action; • Inspire
new forms of public-private, private-private partnerships, public policy
measures, and associated business and development opportunities to overcome
environment and development challenges at the country and international
levels. Website: [1]


Public group
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Paul Riembault
23 November 2011

Busan High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness - 29th November to 1st December 2011

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Public group
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Ziad Abbasi
6 December 2011

Developing micro projects outside big cities to create jobs and revenues

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Coralie Mugerin posted Information 26 January 2012

The guidelines are aimed primarily at the EC staff responsible for designing, implementing or evaluating support by the European Commission to the implementation of sector programmes by partner governments.

Coralie Mugerin posted Information 1 February 2012

These guidelines were developed in 2009 by Directorate on Quality of Operations in EuropeAid further to consultation and input from the Working Group which supported the preparation of the Strategy on Technical Cooperation and Project Implementation Units.

Coralie Mugerin posted Information 1 February 2012

This guide has been prepared by the Natural Resources unit of the Directorate for Quality Support of EuropeAid, with the support of external consultants working under the environmental advisory services and in collaboration with the ex- DGs Development and ACP states DG RELEX and D

Coralie Mugerin posted Information 2 February 2012

This document offers a protocol framework for dealing with institutional and capacity assessment mainly in the public sector and in the swap context. The objective is to enable readers to engage in dialogue and improve the design of support to development of local capacity.

Coralie Mugerin posted Information 2 February 2012

This document has been developed under the supervision of Directorate for Quality of Operations in EuropeAid (former Unit on “Governance, security, human rights and gender”) with the support of Professor Norman Flynn in the frame­work the implementation of the Backbone Strategy on Reforming