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Thanks to a clever use of existing procedures, the European Union Delegation to Burkina Faso working in partnership with the government, successfully managed a seamless transition from an emergency intervention by the Commission’s humanitarian body, ECHO, to offering long-term support to more than 100,000 flood victims.
The European Union (EU) is the largest and most reliable donor to Palestine. Yet many people lack a deep understanding of the context in which the EU’s cooperation with Palestine operates and of the cooperation itself. As the situation in Gaza recently deteriorated, this is becoming of growing relevance. 
From19 December 2017
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Peacebuilding Liaison Office

Calling all Peace, Development & Security M&E experts!

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Barbara Cauli
21 May 2015

Informal space for exchnage of information and discussion on topics related to Decentralised cooperation.

Find all info, reports, videos and pictures of the 2019 Forum Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation following this link

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ESS-DEVCO Cycle of conferences on evaluation in hard-to-reach areas
Michaël POTAR 27 February 2019

Welcome to these pages presenting the ESS-DEVCO Cycle of Conferences on Evaluation in hard-to-reach areas.

In this space, you find all the relevant information on the cycle of conferences :

  1. The 
  2. ...
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Michaël POTAR uploaded a new Document 29 March 2019

Using ICTs in Evaluations Fragility, Conflict and Violence - with a focus on mobile phone/tablets

Jelte Verberne posted Information 12 April 2019

NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development, part of The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), would like to inform you of the launch of a Terms of Reference for the final review of the research programme on Security and Rule of Law in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings (SRoL).

Michaël POTAR uploaded a new Document 15 April 2019

PowerPoint presentation by Margie Buchanan-Smith, ODI:

Evaluation methods for consulting affected populations in ‘hard to reach’ areas: learning by doing

Michaël POTAR uploaded a new Document 20 May 2019

Slides of André Kahlmeyer for Conference 5 : Conflict Sensitivity and Monitoring & Evaluation

Michaël POTAR uploaded a new Document 20 May 2019

Presentation slides of Mr. Marco De Gaetano for Conference 5: Conflict Sensitivity - A criterion for evaluations in the contexts of violent conflicts (ABYEI CASE STUDY) - | Brussels | 17 May 2019