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Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 13 April 2010
Who should call meetings, lead capacity assessments or mobilise consultants and monitor their progress? Get help to find the right answer to these questions and more in another tool from the Toolkit for Capacity Development.
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 20 April 2010
To strengthen local governments across Africa, donors would be advised to spend more time and resources in researching and understanding local systems, according to Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi a key expert from the region. Mr Mbassi, from Cameroon, is a well known expert in decentralisation and has worked for years to promote decentralisation and local governance in Africa. He is currently the Secretary General of the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa, a gathering of 15,000 local authorities from the continent.
“Compliance with financial regulations and disbursement pressure continues to drive the agenda. In this regard, we wonder what room there is to adopt the Backbone Strategy principles,” said Enrico Strampelli Head of Development Cooperation at the EU Delegation in Tanzania, in a recent interview for capacity4dev.
The broadly worded South-South policy recommendations, signed off at the recent international event in Bogota, reflect a cautious step towards an international consensus.
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 1 July 2010
Who are actually pressing for performance from public organisations? Who are overseeing them, and to whom are they accountable? The Toolkit for Capacity Development has a handy tool for mapping sector and governance actors.
How can partners address capacity development and what can you do to support them in the early stages of such processes? This is a key issue that underlies all European Commission efforts towards sustainability of development and aid effectiveness.
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 2 July 2010
Change management is, strangely enough, rather a new discipline in development cooperation. However, it is absolutely crucial for capacity development – and there are tools to help.
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 28 July 2010
Making Technical Cooperation more effective implies making the European Commission more effective. That may be painful, but not impossible, argues Nils Boesen who has assisted EuropeAid in designing and implementing the TC reform.
What is Public Technical Assistance and how should it incorporate the requirements of the Aid Effectiveness Agenda? The European Network of Implementing Development Agencies, EUNIDA, offers some answers to these questions.
The European Commission is making modest but positive steps in its Technical Cooperation reform in a difficult environment in Georgia, according to Philippe Bernhard of the European Union delegation in Tblisi. The EU delegation in Tblisi has employed a variety of instruments to support its partner, Georgia. Using budget support, technical assistance projects, institutional building projects and thematic line grants, the EU has sought to meet the needs of a transition country still struggling with the consequences of the 2008 conflict with neighbouring Russia.