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Cesar Carmona uploaded a new Document 13 October 2009

The burning of fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases (GHGs), especially CO2, possibly causing climate change. Environmentally friendly energy development has enormous implications for developing countries as major emitters due to their rapid economic and population growth.

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The CLICO project has mobilized 14 research teams from Europe, North Africa, Sahel and the Middle East and brought together for the first time some of the world’s leading researchers in water resource, vulnerability, and peace and security studies.

Anca Robu uploaded a new Document 21 March 2011

Addressing Water Impacts of Climate Change

EC-EIB Water and Sanitation Seminar

Brussels – 7 July 2010
Jochen Harnisch, Coordinator Climate Change Policy
KfW Development Bank

Anca Robu uploaded a new Document 30 March 2011

Amman Workshop 2011
DEVCO EuropeAid Development & Cooperation DGDead Sea March 2011

Anca Robu uploaded a new Document 18 July 2011

Climate change, water and the EU development cooperation: Key issues
DEVCO C2 – Climate Change, Environment, Natural Resources and Water

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Presentation outline: The climate system Background Definition of CC Observation/Scenarios Impacts: - Globally, Regionally - Lesotho - Water Resources Adaptation /Projects

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The powerpoint presentation summarises the key lessons learned from both the English and French working groups, and which formed the basis of the summary presented to the GLE on the afternoon of the 13th September.

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