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Sandra Oliveira posted Information 1 March 2016

Asking the right questions before starting - or even designing - a project, is sometimes the quintessential thing to do, for any manager or practitioner that wishes to make a DEAR project meaningful for all stakeholders - from the end beneficiary to the partners, to the staff and even the donors.

Sandra Oliveira posted Information 31 January 2016

DEAR community,

A summary of each of the knowledge sharing and learning Cluster meetings that took place in 2015 are online, we've uploaded the respective reports on each of the correspondent events at Related documents.

And here too:

Sandra Oliveira uploaded a new Document 18 November 2016


Sandra Oliveira uploaded a new Document 18 November 2016

From the DEAR Fair 2015

Sandra Oliveira uploaded a new Document 22 June 2017
Programme: DEAR

This is a summary overview of the discussions and outcomes of the capitalisation workshop that took place in Brussels, on the 23rd and 24th March 2017.

Sandra Oliveira uploaded a new Document 10 July 2017
Programme: DEAR

Report with a summary of the learnings from the Athens L&D Hub - 2017 including the participating DEAR projects representatives evaluation.

Sandra Oliveira posted Information 18 November 2016

The report about the DEAR Fair 2015 is now available to the public.

An overview of the whole event, intervenients and discussions, including the participant's evaluation - all summarised in the report. 

Sandra Oliveira posted Information 17 November 2016

DEAR community,

Last summer we've organised two meetings to support knowledge sharing and dialogue among DEAR project managers - the Milan Exchange Hubs agreggated two central concerns to the majority of practitioners and managers:

A: Working in and with Local communities 

Sandra Oliveira created a new WIKI page 14 November 2015

Welcome to the Development Education and Awareness Raising practitioners group. The Commission wishes to capitalise its investments on a strong global citizenship and make these visible - fostering the creation of multiplier effects at local, national and European level.

Sandra Oliveira posted news 10 July 2017
Programme: DEAR

Athens Learning and Development Hub took place in 26th and 27th April 2017 - and focused on learning from project experiences of engaging the public in development issues that would be useful to apply to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.