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  1. innov-aid

    Stimulating Innovation in Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Risk Management
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  2. MEP Interview: Working Towards Change

    Following a critical report from the European Court of Auditors in 2007 on how the Commission delivers technical cooperation, EuropeAid embarked on a programme of reform.
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  3. Technical Assistance: Too Much of the Wrong Thing?

    In war-torn Afghanistan, technical assistance has been the standard recipe for getting quick results in a situation with limited government capacity. It has at best been a double edged sword, write Micha Ramakers and Nils Boesen after a recent learning event on technical cooperation in the capital...
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  4. South-South Cooperation Moving to Centre Stage

    South-South Cooperation is moving up the international aid effectiveness agenda. Colombia is hosting a high-level event on South-South Cooperation and capacity development in March 2010. Capacity4dev.eu will follow the debate up to that event and gives a first overview in this article.
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  5. Technical Cooperation and Spain's EU Presidency

    With the start of the New Year, Spain assumed the presidency of the European Union. During Spain’s six-month term the EU is set to implement a framework that includes measures on technical cooperation for enhanced capacity development and the new presidency has already thrown the spotlight on the...
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  6. Time to Learn and Act

    As a high level meeting on South-South Cooperation and Capacity Development approaches, there is a growing push to get from talking to walking.
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