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Patricia Rodriguez Fortun uploaded a new Document 3 March 2019

This new publication descibes FAO approach to achieve its objective of gender equality across food systems at all levels for attaining food security, nutrition and ach

Carla Pagano uploaded a new Document 5 March 2019

Fiche Description - Webinar Gender Equality & Extremist Religious Fundamentalisms: which challenges? Which entry points?

Carla Pagano uploaded a new Document 5 March 2019

Handouts fot the participants to the Webinar: Gender Equality & Extremist Religious Fundamentalisms: Which Challenges? Which Entry Points?

Valeria Pintus uploaded a new Document 19 March 2019

This paper looks at how the European Union and the African Union promote the Women, Peace and Security agenda in Africa. Has the support for this agenda really progressed or has it been stuck in rhetoric?

Roser Cabré-Verdiell Surribas posted Information 15 May 2019

Women in five tropical forest countries share their views on how timber trade deals between their countries and the EU could boost gender equity.

Norma Rodríguez

Programa EUROsociAL + posted Information 4 July 2019

El taller propone generar un espacio de dialogo entre los diferentes actores/trices comprometidos en la promoción de políticas de autonomía económica de las mujeres en América Latina, buscando mejorar la inclusión laboral en condiciones decentes y equitativas, evitar múltiples di

Programa EUROsociAL + uploaded a new Document 4 July 2019

Agenda del programa del Encuentro EUROsociAL+