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  1. Financing change: How to mobilize private sector financing for sustainable infrastructure

    In 2015, an international architecture for sustainable development began to take shape. Building on the United Nations’ Financing for Development Agenda in Addis Ababa and then the formal adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in September, the year culminated in the Conference of Parties (...
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  2. Italy funds partnership to help cities implement efficient district energy worldwide

    Marrakech, 11 November 2016 - The Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea today announced new support for a UN Environment initiative aimed at doubling the rate of energy efficiency improvements for heating and cooling in buildings by 2030 and so reducing greenhouse gas emissions. According...
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  3. DEVCO Week on environment with two dedicated seminars to environment and wildlife trafficking

    DEVCO C2 unit is organising a Week on environment starting on February 6. During this week, 2 seminars will take place: a 3 days’ session on “Implementing the Environmental Dimension of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” , and a 2 days’ session on “ The EU Action Plan against Wildlife...
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  4. Green Energy Choices: The Benefits, Risks and Trade-Offs of Low-Carbon Technologies for Electricity Production

    This report presents the first in-depth inter national comparative assessment of the envir onmental and resource impacts of different energy technologies, modelled over the whole life cycle of each...
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