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  1. Busan HLF4

    Busan High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness - 29th November to 1st December 2011
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    Public group owned by Paul 23 November 2011
  2. Guidelines Nr.2 "EC Support to sector programmes: covering the three financing modalities: Sector budget support, Pool funding and EC procurement and EC project procedures" - 2007

    The guidelines are aimed primarily at the EC staff responsible for designing, implementing or evaluating support by the European Commission to the implementation of sector programmes by partner governments. A NEW VERSION OF THIS PUBLICATION IS IN PREPARATION AND WILL BE PROBABLY READY BY THE END OF...
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  3. Guidelines Nr. 4:Guidelines on the Integration of Environment and Climate Change in Development Cooperation

    This guide has been prepared by the Natural Resources unit of the Directorate for Quality Support of EuropeAid, with the support of external consultants working under the environmental advisory services and in collaboration with the ex- DGs Development and ACP states DG RELEX and DG for Environment...
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  4. Reference document nr 13 – " Addressing undernutrition in external assistance – An integrated approach through sectors and aid modalities " - 2011

    This document has been prepared by the Nutrition Advisory Service: Dominique Blariaux, Claire Chastre (team leader), Lola Gostelow, Lawrence Haddad, Cristina Lopriore, Yves Martin-Prével and Carlos Navarro-Colorado. The preparation of the document has been coordinated by, and has benefited from,...
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