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Pierre Berman posted Information 24 January 2018

Entrepreneurship and vocational training programs are a key leverage to support informal workers, create job opportunities and facilitate social integration and are at the core of various development projects and initiative.

Pierre Berman posted Information 31 January 2018

Youth employment is a core problematic both in most advanced and developing countries; and governments, local and international organization agree in making it a priority in their policies and strategies.

Pierre Berman posted Information 7 February 2018

Our partner Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its creation.

Pierre Berman posted Information 22 February 2018

One of the main issues linked to Informal Economy is the lack of recognition of workers depending on it and their difficulties to get their interests taken into consideration in the political agenda.

Pierre Berman posted Information 19 February 2018

Income generating activities of rural women are usually interlinked with the informal economy. As such, it is recommended to include in the adopted approach, elements of association building, self-help mechanisms and supporting economies of scale.

Pierre Berman posted Information 2 March 2018

Access to credit is of fundamental importance in the development and sustainability of an entrepreneurial project.

Pierre Berman posted Information 5 March 2018

People depending on informal economy are often operating in a sort of “legal blank” due to the lack of recognition of regular institutions and their working outside of the formal legal framework covering regular workers.

Pierre Berman posted Information 9 March 2018

From a legal point of view, the concept of informality corresponds to the non-registration of an economic activity carried out by a person to the official registers.