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Sarah Simpson 22 March 2017

The DEAR Programme supports projects that engage the European Union public in worldwide issues of social, economic and environmental development. The DEAR Programme works with civil society organisations and local authorities to promote the universal values of freedom, democracy and the rule of...

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Sarah Simpson posted news 18 June 2019
Programme: DEAR

The DEAR Programme is at the European Development Days #EDD19, where attendees of the two day event

Programa Eurosocial + uploaded a new Document 2 July 2019

El presente documento se divide en tres partes con el fin de estructurar una propuesta coherente en la relación entre Cultura y Cohesión Social: por un lado, sitúa dicho binomio en un marco conceptual de acuerdo a los principios orientadores del

Helene Quentrec uploaded a new Document 2 July 2019

To complete the series on "Food Security Thematic Programme (FSTP)" , this Technical Brief describes knowledge transfer based

Leon Hemkemeyer uploaded a new Document 3 July 2019

This two-pager gives an overview of how the European Partnership for Democracy, a Brussels-based network of European democracy support organisations, proposes to strengthen the link between budget support provision and support to democratic institutions in a given country.

Sean Johnson 24 January 2018

The overarching objective is to improve food security by providing tools and capacities for sustainable land administration and management at chiefdom, tinkhundla, regional, and national level.

Target groups are the rural poor and women engaged in agriculture on Swazi Nation Land (SNL),...

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Sean Johnson posted news 3 July 2019

The time taken at the start of the project to prepare the groundwork and secure the support of traditional authorities and c

Pierre Beziz uploaded a new Document 3 July 2019

Filière Karité