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Coralie Mugerin posted Information 9 February 2012

This document calls on Civil Society to play a more active role in the aid effectiveness agenda, particularly in relation to budgetary processes.

Ricarda Motschilnig posted Information 1 October 2013

And we call on you to support us in this work.Because: synergies among different actors are needed for tackling global challenges of development and adult education.

In particular:

Thomas Nikolaj Hansen posted Information 23 July 2014

New piece on EU Civil Society Country Roadmaps - views from India, the Caribbean + ECNL - click here!

Maria Donata Rinaldi posted Information 8 October 2014
Group: MedMedia

A civil society can not survive without knowledge and information, for which the media are the vehicles.

Roser Cabré-Verdiell Surribas posted Information 26 March 2015

Governance: How has the EU FLEGT Action Plan influenced governance?

Tuesday 17 March, from 14:30 to 18:00

Roadmap Support Facility posted Information 1 May 2015

It is now more than one year ago that the exercise to develop EU Country Roadmaps for Engagement with Civil Society at country level was launched. More than 75 have been received to date with several more expected later in the year.

Richard Wainwright posted Information 5 May 2015

2015 sees the ten-year review of the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Action Plan, which makes it a good time to reassess the extent to which VPAs have delivered on their promise of increased transparency in forest management, and for civil society to show how they have used informatio