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Pierre Berman posted Information 14 November 2018

The project “Economic and social inclusion of marginalized, vulnerable people dependent on the informal economy, particularly women from cross-border trade zones in Haiti” implemented by Oxfam Italia aims at contributing to the reduction of poverty of the marginalized people depe

Pierre Berman posted Information 16 November 2018

The RNSF project aims at studying IE phenomenon and developing best practices and successful experiences to support the action of sectorial operators such as government, CSO, and international organizations.

Lea Appulo posted Information 14 September 2016

All major global policy agreements conclude: wetlands are vital ecosystems in the landscape and are indispensable to achieve a sustainable and secure world.

Christophe Legrand posted Information 16 March 2016

An interesting view from the IPCC chairman in line with GCCA+ view to engage more with the scientific community in targeted country with the aim to better link

Roser Cabré-Verdiell Surribas posted Information 15 May 2019

Women in five tropical forest countries share their views on how timber trade deals between their countries and the EU could boost gender equity.

Norma Rodríguez

Sarah Cummings posted Information 24 June 2019

Published in May 2019 in the CTA Technical Brief Series, this brief Putting the private sector at the ce

Sarah Cummings posted Information 12 August 2019

Published in June 2019, the 2019 Access to Seeds Index presents four rankings and in-depth studies that evaluate the performance of global seed companies as well as the regional industry in South and Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.