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  1. Latin American Studies

    The Latin American Studies group aims to join agendas among Latin American researchers, academics, and practitioners working in the EU. Our main areas of interest are: development planning, urban development, informality, precariousness, disaster research, risk management, and governance.
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  2. Creoles cultures / Kiltir Kreol / Cultures créoles

    Ce Groupe concerne les cultures créoles, dans la perspective d’une candidature commune de la CULTURE CREOLE au Patrimoine immatériel de l’UNESCO, dans le cadre de la décennie internationale pour les peuples d’ascendance africaine de l'ONU (2015-2024). This Group concerns the creole cultures in the...
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    Public group owned by marc lints 18 December 2019
  3. BSRN user group

    This is a tentatively follow up of the idea to set a container aimed to share knowledge on all aspects of Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN, https://bsrn.awi.de ) activities, across and beyond its active community. It is meant to store post and discussions on scientific papers and technical...
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  4. Nuevos actores y nuevos espacios para la construcción de la agenda UE-LAC

    ¿Cómo incorporar espacios de dialogo en la agenda UE-LAC? ¿qué actores no institucionales juegan un papel clave en la construcción de confianza y el combate a la desigualdad? ¿Quiénes son los vectores de “cohesión social”, y cómo construir puentes con las instituciones para elaborar políticas...
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    Public group owned by EUROsociAL 4 September 2019
  5. Knowledge@Terra Classrooms

    Knowledge@Terra Classrooms on Climate, Land, Soil and Water 关于气候、土地、土壤和水的地域知识环境课堂 Challenges of territorial and spatial management of different global regions become more similar. How to change these pressing points and crisis? ✓ Exchange and foster Territorial Policy-Practice Solutions, that...
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  6. II Encuentro del Programa EUROsociAL+

    Transcurridos más de dos años del inicio de la nueva fase del Programa EUROsociAL, resulta oportuno reunir a los principales actores del Programa, para reflexionar colectivamente, desde una mirada cruzada entre América Latina y Europa, sobre la confianza global, y la actuación del programa en este...
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  7. Private sector in agricultural innovation and development

    This group will aim to showcase examples and approaches of working with the private sector in interational agricultural innovation. It has been started on 3 June 2019 and will be further developed over time. Many of the approaches shared and discussed will be relevant to the CGIAR but we will also...
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  8. Kafaat Liljamia - Skills for all - Competences pour tous

    Le Projet Kafaat Liljamia – vers un système de formation professionnelle marocain de qualité, inclusif et axé sur le marché du travail, a été initié en Août 2017 par le British Council (contractant principal) et l'Agence Espagnole de Coopération Internationale pour le Développement (AECID). Il est...
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