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  1. Politics and Power in International Development – The potential role of Political Economy Analysis by ECDPM

    An interesting presentation of PEA by ECDPM. They quote Will Hout: "Donors that take PEA serisouly will become part of the political struggle. Otherwise they risk following the r oad to nowhere" Fully agree, however the roots of the iceberg seems a bit underestimated. Cultural values and deeply...
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  2. Political economy for practitioners

    Just wanted to share a link with you instead of sharing comments http://www.learn4dev.net/expertise/policital-economy/ On the 19th of September, the PEP Expert Group met in Eschborn, Germany in order to discuss the new course on Political Economy for Practitioners. During the meeting the course...
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  3. PEA in EuropeAid

    Understanding the political economy of the countries and sectors in which we work is a necessary part of effective development cooperation. Finding the best approach to analysing political economy remains an important methodological concern. Drawing the lessons of the first generation of PEAs which...
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  4. ARTICLE: Impact evaluation and Political Economy : what does the "Conditional" in "Conditional cash transfers" accomplish?

    Interesting article from Center for Global Development Impact evaluation and Political Economy : what does the "Conditional" in "Conditional cash transfers" accomplish? Read an extract below : January 12, 2012 By Lant Pritchett Some economists, with their recent fad for “evaluation”, have managed...
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  5. Key readings on political economy analysis

    Political economy analysis covers an expanding area of development theory and practice drawing on an extensive and dispersed body of literature. The attached annotated bibliography of key readings provides an aid to navigating this wide-ranging subject area. The aim has been to keep the list short...
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  6. Linking political economy analysis with action in Zambia

    The Zambia country political economy analysis will not tell EUD staff living and working in Zambia much, if anything, they didn't already know about the country. That is not its primary purpose (although it has been useful in briefing new staff, and existing staff have found it a helpful synthesis...
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