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  1. European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development

    The European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD) is an informal European donor coordination platform on agricultural research for development (ARD). The platform aims to promote and implement coherent European policies and investments at international, regional and sub‐...
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  2. On Motivations and Contributions of Development Organisations to Meeting SDGs through International Volunteering

    Sending international volunteers to Global South countries is one of the forms of Official Development Assistance (ODA) used by most traditional donors. In the case of the Slovak Republic, it is also an instrument of its foreign policy, which also seeks to support development in the programme and...
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  3. Case study - SPHC Myanmar: Progress towards universal health coverage and improved health equity in Myanmar

    Context In Myanmar, The SPHIP is also reaching out to community groups, such as Inclusive Self-Help Groups. Objective To contribute to the process of health reform in Myanmar to achieve equitable and universal healthcare goals. Impact In Myanmar the SPHIP Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) research...
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  4. SPHIP Case Study - LEARN Lao PDR: Progress towards universal health coverage and improved health equity in Lao

    Context The Supporting Public Health Institutes Programme (SPHIP) (2015–2020) strengthens institutes of public health in eight low-income countries to assist national authorities with evidence-based policymaking in key public health areas. In the SPHIP projects, knowledge translation influences...
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  5. LEARN Lao PDR - Master thesis: pornography watching and associated factors among university students at university of health sciences (UHS), LAO PDR during 2019

    Background: Pornography watching has become an extensive social phenomenon worldwide and has contributed to changes in the terrain of human sexuality causing both positive and negative attitudes...
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  6. Policy briefs on the role of the private sector in knowledge brokering for development

    Published in January 2020, two new policy briefs examine the role of the private sector in knowledge brokering for international development, based on research from an academic research project. Policy brief No. 1: The private sector as the ‘unusual suspect’ in knowledge brokering for international...
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  7. LEARN Lao PDR - consultation workshop to find solutions for the high rate of teenage pregnancy in Lao PDR

    On December 10 2019, with the support of SPHIP, a consultation workshop was conducted to engage stakeholders and implementers in producing policy recommendations for policymakers/implementers. LEARN/MCNV is partnering with the University of Health Science and Lao Tropical and Public Health...
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  8. RIPSEC République démocratique du Congo - Présentation du CCSC-asbl à la Joint Part Meeting

    L’Institut de Médicine Tropicale « IMT » d’Anvers organise chaque année une réunion avec ses partenaires, le Joint Partner Meeting « JPM ». Cette année, le JPM s’est tenu le 11 octobre et avait pour thème : Innovation dans la Coopération et le Développement International. Des présentations,...
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  9. SPHaïtiLAB Häiti - Le MSPP finalise sa Politique Nationale de Recherche en Santé

    La Direction d’Épidémiologie, de Laboratoire et de Recherche (DELR) met les dernières touches à la Politique Nationale de Recherche en Santé. Ce document qui devra être divulgué officiellement cette année sera tantôt soumis à la haute instance pour approbation. Il devra donner les orientations...
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