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  1. A question: How can the Ecosystem be integrated into the local economic development? Any thoughts? Your input is highly appreciated.

    Local Economic Development(LED) creates the conditions for economic growth and improved quality of life by expanding the capacity of individuals, businesses, and communities. LED aims to maximize the use of the talents and skills to support innovation, lower transaction costs, and responsibly...
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  2. A Case Study of Agricultural and Forestry Practice in Pajottenland, Belgium 比利时帕约特兰地区的一个农林实践案例

    [Territorial Solution Collection: Sustainable Agro-Forestry Development Practices, Climate Actions and Carbon Neutral Issues] The transformation of farming to adapt to local climate (incl. change) and local features may be a necessary foundation of climate action and green circular economy. With...
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  3. Europe's Digital Agenda for Development

    Digital technologies and services are proven enablers of development and inclusive growth. Technology is fundamental to enhance governance and transparency, and boosting productivity and job creation. Europe's Digital Agenda for Development addresses the digital-development nexus and provides a...
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  4. Adaptatium, Working to make this vision a reality

    Adaptatium, I encourage collaboration! synergy with nature Here's our story: Fighting climate change and improving the ratio of human nature, working with biodiversity. Restocking agricultural areas (combating poverty): we wanted to fully adapt to nature, we hopped on the trail walking surrounded...
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