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Gennaro Volpe uploaded a new Document 15 December 2017

Diaporama presentation of OXFAM on Pro-Act Project "From airdrop to resilience" au QRM 7 in November 2017

Gennaro Volpe uploaded a new Document 15 December 2017

World Vision and THESO presentation of the FSTP project "Improving Food and Nutrition Security for Vulnerable Groups in Warrap State" at QRM 7 in November 2017

Alfred NKODIA uploaded a new Document 23 November 2017

Du 26 février au 11 mars 2017, une équipe du projet OI-APV FLEGT a effectué une mission indépendante dans le département du Kouilou/Pointe-Noire. L’équipe a couvert les Unités Forestières d’Exploitation (UFE) Nkola et Ntombo attribuées respectivement aux sociétés AFRIWOOD et COTRANS.

TRANSrisk Transition Pathways and Risk Analysis for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption Strategies uploaded a new Document 10 November 2017

TRANSrisk partner Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) has developed an interesting discussion brief which presents the TRANSrisk case study in Kenya.

Blerina Vila uploaded a new Document 13 October 2017


This Thematic Brief provides quick guidance on the most important issues relating to gender and natural resources management

This Brief is addressed to staff from development cooperation agencies who are involved in natural resources management (NRM) programmes and projects.

David Young uploaded a new Document 8 August 2017

It is too easy for community forests to be co-opted by logging companies and local elites for narrowly commercial and unsustainable ends.

Lea Appulo uploaded a new Document 31 July 2017

Multiple times a year, severe tropical storms and typhoons hit the Philippines. Fortunately, the population is very resilient. After each disaster, they reconstruct their lives with creative solutions.

Proyecto IAPA uploaded a new Document 14 June 2017

Decisión adoptada por la 13va Conferencia de las Partes del Convenio de Diversidad Biológica (Cancún, México 2016)

Proyecto IAPA uploaded a new Document 14 June 2017

Decision adopted by the 13th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (Cancun, Mexico 2016)