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Bruno Duarte posted Information 18 July 2016

Latin America’s teenage girls are a crucial force for change and for promoting sustainable development, if the region invests in their rights and the correction of unequal opportunities, according to Luiza Carvalho, the regional

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Francesco Ruberto created a new WIKI page 26 May 2016
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Sylvain Aubry posted Information 12 April 2016

As you may know, Liberia announced early 2016 its intention to entirely outsource its public pre-primary and primary school system to private actors, through a public-private partnership (PPP). The program is called “Partnership Schools for Liberia”.

From25 November 2015
in 1000 Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Education Practitioners Network

Exclusion usually starts very early in life. Therefore, schools have a
central role in promoting fairer and more inclusive communities. This begins
in the classroom, with learner needs and experiences at the centre of all
decisions making. EPN's 2nd seminar will focus on how to achieve inclusion
in education for groups that are often excluded. Join us
[1] *14:00-17:00* on the*25th of November* at VLEVA [2] to take part in
the discussion!