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  1. Sustainable agriculture and inclusive food systems: How can DeSIRA make a difference?

    Research and innovation are key to addressing the transition to sustainable agriculture and inclusive food systems. Since September 2020, the EU-funded DeSIRA (Development Smart Innovation through Research in Agriculture) initiative supports 47 projects in low and middle-incomes countries. With...
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  2. Escolas de Campo para Agricultores Práticas Fundamentais para Implementadores de RCC

    FAO-COOPI-OCHA-UNHABITAT/SAIO/2014. This booklet provides an overview of the FFS approach and considerations for FFS implementation, and relates FFS experiences in Africa and the southern Africa...
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  3. Gestion de la Diversité des Cultures, Pratiques clés pour les praticiens de la RRC

    FAO-COOPI-OCHA-UNHABITAT/SAIO/2014. This technical brief explores the management of crop diversity by small-scale farmers in southern Africa. Its objective is to guide DRR practitioners through some...
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  4. Information and Communications Technology for Agriculture and Food Security

    Increase in the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICTs) has brought significant benefits to the agricultural sector, such as improving households’ agricultural production, generating new job opportunities, and encouraging people to adopt healthier practices and more effective risk...
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  5. How IFPRI’s Food Security Portal monitors food prices volatility: the "Excessive Food Price Variability Early Warning System"

    Food excessive price volatility is a significant concern in developing countries, with potentially negative effects for both producers and consumers. Poor consumers spend a large share of their income on food; for example, according to a 2016 book published by the Center for Development Research (...
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  6. Building long-term food security together: the contribution of the Global Food Security Portal (FSP)

    The world’s growing population, scarce natural resources and climate change are all global challenges for food and nutrition security, particularly for developing countries. The global food crisis in 2007-2008 which resulted in very high food prices, showed that there is a need to respond to these...
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