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  1. New Course for External Partners

    DEVCO R4 Change Management team has released the English version of OPSYS e-Learning module for externals on DEVCO Academy. Spark your journey into OPSYS with step-by-step video tutorials addressing topics such as: • Benefits of using OPSYS via the Funding and Tenders Portal (F&T Portal) •...
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  2. 2019 IWRF workshop NO.2【Gauri Noolkar–Oak/Dr.Todd H. Vottler】

    主题:国际水安全媒体叙事 专家1 :Gauri Noolkar –奥克(印度) “蒂拉克纪事报”的共同创始人,主要研究中东,东南亚和南亚的跨境水冲突与合作。 专家2 :Todd H. Vottler博士(美国) 德克萨斯州立大学草地草甸水与环境中心的研究员,《德克萨斯水杂志》和《德克萨斯+水》的联合创始人。 时间:2019年11月14日上午10:00 【激动人心的学术讨论气氛】 【专家与河海大学学者交流思想和经验】
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  3. Evidence in the Time of COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created many immediate and urgent needs for more and better data and evidence about how to protect public health. However, most evidence-generating activities in development...
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  4. Podcasts on Evaluation in Crisis

    Welcome to the #EvalCrisis Podcast Series Part of the bigger Evaluation in Crisis initiative by the DEVCO / Evaluation Support Service, this series aims to serve the evaluation community by sharing teachings on the adaptation of evaluation to crisis situations, such as the current global health...
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