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  1. ROM missions in the time of COVID-19

    When the COVID-19 crisis imposed a complete stop of travelling, in the first weeks of March 2020, nearly 200 ROM reviews were immediately affected, and a fast response had to be provided to keep the EU external monitoring function ongoing. Thanks to a full collaboration across the ROM contractors...
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  2. IPDET Evaluation Hackathon

    COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to the field of evaluation. The IPDET Evaluation Hackathon provides a playground for creative individuals from around the world to unite their skills,...
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  3. 5. Various

    Learning from the Past: Reflections for Improved Decision-Making and Better Development Results - UNDP Independent Evaluation Office Reflections is a series of lessons learned based on evaluative evidence. These brief papers aim to satisfy the broader request from UNDP managers to help them...
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  4. 3. Ethical Aspects

    Carrying out qualitative research under lockdown – Practical and ethical considerations - Better Evaluations "How can qualitative researchers collect data during social-distancing measures? Adam Jowett outlines several techniques researchers can use to collect data without face-to-face contact with...
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  5. 2. Tools & Methods

    Participatory scenario planning in times of uncertainty: five key lessons - Tiina Pasanen Trying to get to grips with uncertainty feels more important than ever. We can’t know or predict for certain all the possible mid- and long-term consequences Covid-19 will have globally and in our societies,...
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  6. 4. Processes

    How is The Wellcome Trust adapting its evaluation and learning function during Covid-19? - Yulye Jessica Romo Ramos The Wellcome Trust has experience responding to epidemics: we have been involved in tackling Ebola in Africa , Zika in Latin America and other infectious diseases. But it is the first...
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  7. 1. Go/no go decision making

    Evaluating in a Pandemic: Why and How and When? -Australian Evaluation Society - Jade Maloney Over the last couple of months, evaluators around the world have been grappling with the question of whether and how we evaluate in the COVID-19 context. What can and should be done now, and what should...
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