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The linguistic diversity of Africa is stunning, but with over 1,500 languages spoken across the continent, communication can be a challenge – even within countries themselves.
Christos Marazopoulos uploaded a new Document 8 February 2019

This is the report of the Global Learning Event on Joint Programming that includes the following sections:

18 March 2019 to 22 March 2019
in Bruxelles (Belgium)
Organised byFederal Ministry of Defence (Austria); National College for Home Affairs, Police Academy (Romania); ESDC

The course aims to provide participants with a broad understanding of CSDP. In particular, participants will be exposed to the CSDP institutional framework, current policies, as well as structures and processes.

Ovidiu Simina uploaded a new Document 28 January 2019

6th CSDP training programme for EaP countries

From25 January 2019
Organised byDEVCO R4

SAVE THE DATE: 30th January 2019 10:00 am Brussels Time

The webinar is directed to the OPSYS Focal Points in the European Union Delegations

Jele Oppermann uploaded a new Document 7 December 2018
Group: ICT4DEV

We wonder: Why is there no onus of proof regarding the appropriateness of proprietary software?

Development cooperation actors support the use of open source in theory, but there is a gap between theory and practice.




Veronique Lena posted Information 9 November 2018

Due to technical issues we had with the application used for webinars (BBCOLLABORATE), we had to cancel the webinar which was planned on the 6. November.

Be so kind to use the attached connection guides.

They are different if you are an internal user or an external user...

Veronique Lena uploaded a new Document 9 November 2018

Connection guide to external users.