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  1. Kick off of the 2nd online "Med Dialogue Leaders" Bootcamp on "Entrepreneurship for social and solidarity economy"

    The "Med Dialogue For rights and Equality" programme, financed by the EU, launched on October 14 th , 2020 the 2nd edition of "Med Dialogue Leaders", a capacity development scheme for young leaders, focusing on "Entrepreneurship for social and solidarity economy". The first step is a capacity...
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  2. Employability Skills 4 Youth (ES4Y)

    ES4Y is a Capacity Building project within the framework of the European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme with project partners from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile joined to develop a toolkit with learning scenarios that bridge the gaps between young peoples...
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  3. IWRF2018-23.PPT

    水资源用途管制: 中国水权的另一个视角 报告人:李祎恒 河海大学法学院 1、管制目的 水资源用途管制不能片面强调资源的经济效益,而忽略对生态环境的保护。 2、管制内容 山水林田湖是一个生命共同体 3、管制手段 充分发挥市场和政府的作用,实现行政机制与市场机制相协调
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