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  1. Lives in Dignity Grant Facility - Conflict sensitivity programming: thematic webinar, October 2022

    In October 2022, projects funded by the Lives in Dignity Grant Facility were joined by Albert Mulli, Peace Responsiveness Advisor at InterPeace to talk about conflict sensitivity programming and how to better operationalize peace in the nexus approach. We recorded the presentation for all to watch...
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  2. ILO (2022) How ILO Programmes Contribute to Social Cohesion between Refugees, IDPs and Host Communities in the Arab States Region

    This research was developed by the ILO to gain some knowledge on the current contribution of ILO programmes to social cohesion at the level of direct beneficiaries, collect lessons learned and...
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  3. Inequality reduction as a tool for cooperation: Two lessons learnt

    The fight against inequality 1 – both within and between countries – is central to the European Union’s strategy to achieve the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The EU’s priority to reduce inequality is also reflected in European texts and legislation, ranging from the third...
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  4. Information on recent EU developments on D4D

    Good morning all! Just trying to find out how active this group is. On behalf of my organisation (Akvo Foundation, www.akvo.org ) I am trying to find out what the current development are in Europe on digitalisation for development and especially ion the fourth pillar of the 2017 Staff Working...
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