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Sarah Cummings posted Information 12 April 2017

Published on the IIED website on 20 March 2017, this blog presents new research which will examine whether cash transfers are helping women to participate in, and contribute to, th

Sarah Cummings posted Information 12 April 2017

This blog, published by IIED on 10 April 2017, reports on the discussions of a technical workshop, co-organised by IIED and IFAD in March 2017.

Randomised control trials in South Africa have repeatedly shown that in-cash social transfers made to families with young children can have significant long-term positive impacts on the lives of those children and the future economic prospects of a country. Children in households receiving payments are typically taller, healthier and better educated and as a result grow into economically more productive adults.
Joblessness is a longstanding challenge for South Africa where the unemployment rate is 26% - officially. Off the record it’s closer to 40%, according to Milly Chesire at the EU Delegation in Pretoria, and hits 70% among historically disadvantaged persons (HDPs). This group is made up of black South Africans, women and people with disabilities, and it is these people the EU is helping the South African government to reach with funding for small and medium-sized enterprises via the Risk Capital Facility. Capacity4dev visited Americandy, a confectionary business in Johannesburg, to see how it works.
Mélanie Romat posted Information 16 February 2017

Despite the continuous growth of migrants’ percentage all over the world, the definition of a transnational social protection system is still incipient

Pierre Berman posted Information 13 February 2017

The workshop has come to an end. In the final line, the participants had to make the final submission of their papers, then share them and agree on the conclusions of the future book. A commitment which was described as both exciting and demanding by the vast majority of the participants!

Pierre Berman posted Information 8 February 2017

Dear Members of the IESF Group,

We are glad to inform you that the sixth issue of the RNSF Newsletter is available on the IESF platform!

Pierre Berman uploaded a new Document 8 February 2017

In this issue: