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Javier Burgos posted Information 24 April 2019

SPEED Stands for Supporting Policy Engagement for Evidence-based Decisions (SPEED) for Universal Health Coverage in Uganda Project’.

Javier Burgos posted Information 9 April 2019

Eight projects, eight countries, three continents. They work hard on Public Health. They do scientific research. The inform politicians. Making new laws, for the citizens, to build better societies, more inclusive, healthier, and more democratic. With the support of European Union.

Javier Burgos posted Information 3 April 2019

Kenya’s Community Health Strategy is a national strategic plan to improve and invest in Community Health in every county and in so doing, access health care needs at the source, which is the home and village.

Javier Burgos posted Information 3 April 2019

During 4-7 March, 2019, a team of eight health practitioners from Bangladesh visited Uganda to participate in South-South Collaboration programme to learn about health systems innovations in Uganda.

Javier Burgos posted Information 15 February 2019

SPHIP Newsletter February 2019: adoption of National Laboratory Policy in Haiti; Boosting dialogue for elderly in Bangladesh; Celebration of UHC day in Uganda; Field visit on Nutrition and MCH status in Laos; Training for better surveillance of maternal death in DRC 

Javier Burgos posted Information 5 February 2019

December 12, is Universal Health Coverage (UHC) day, celebrated across the world. Universal Health Coverage means that all people should receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when accessing and utilizing these health services.

Javier Burgos posted Information 5 February 2019

Pour contribuer à l’amélioration de la qualité de la santé de l’enfant, le programme RIPSEC ESP UNILU, a  organisé du 26 au 31 décembre 2018, une session de renforcement des capacités de 36 prestataires cliniques dont 6 médecins et 30 infirmiers de la ZS de Kisanga sur  le protoc

Javier Burgos posted Information 5 February 2019

The European Union supported (SHARE)’ project of icddr,b  in collaboration with  Department of Population Sciences (DPS), University of Dhaka has organised the fourth Café Scientifique event on 14 January, 2019 with the theme of ‘Social and Healthcare Needs of Elderly Population in Ba

Javier Burgos posted Information 28 January 2019

Juin 2018, Haïti détient officiellement sa première Politique Nationale de Laboratoires (PNL). Un grand pas pour le secteur santé en particulier celui du Laboratoire qui a été longtemps négligé.

Javier Burgos posted Information 17 December 2018

Better policies on health for urban poor in Bangladesh; National Health Research Agenda of Lao PDR; Informed Policy Making at Ugandan Parliament; NCD prevention strategy in Myanmar; Healt