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Xavier Le Mounier posted Information 12 September 2017

This paper investigates whether, and how, the devolution of revenue raising responsibilities to municipalities enhances access to public services and contributes to reducing poverty in Côte d’Ivoire.

25 March 2014 to 27 March 2014
in Vienna (Austria)
Organised byDonor Network on Decentralisation and Local Governance (DeLoG)

This 3-day course is directed to staff of DPs and implementing partners
working in on decentralisation and local governance. It is free of charge.
Specific topics that will be discussed in this training are: Local/ Regional
development and their linkages to national decentralisation reforms,
political economy anaysis, sector decentralization and systemic approaches,
equitable and inclusive governance in decentralisation reforms as well as
joint support options.

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 26 September 2012


Summary of the 'Grand Panel' discussion

Advanced seminar on Decentralisation
Brussels, 2-5 July 2012

Herrero Alisa uploaded a new Document 18 July 2012

In this presentation Leonardo Romeo argues the following:

Herrero Alisa uploaded a new Document 18 July 2012

This presentation delivered by Professor Francois Vaillancourt presents the outcomes of a 2011 study: Evidence from decentralisation in developing countries: global perspectives on the obstacles to fiscal decentralisation.

Capacity4dev Team uploaded a new Document 24 April 2012

The Thematic Global Evaluation of the Commission support to Decentralisation processes presentation seminar took place in Brussels in March 2012.  Please read the Minutes of the Seminar.

From12 March 2012
in Bruxelles (Belgium)

Decentralisation Seminar March 2012

The Seminar will be the occasion to present the findings, results and recommendations of the Evaluation of EC support to decentralisation processes in partners' countries. 

Sarah Simpson uploaded a new Document 15 November 2011

Since World War II, the political map of the world has been influenced by three major ‘D' phenomena; decolonization in Africa and Asia; dissolution of states like Pakistan, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia; and the emergence of new decentralized states in lieu of centralized ones.

Jorge Rodriguez Bilbao uploaded a new Document 20 July 2011

This collection of briefing notes from the World Bank Institute consists of four chapters:

Chapter one explains the cross-cutting nature of decentralisation and its rationale,