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  1. EU-Localising the SDGs and the Paris Agreement EU-UNCDF brainstorming session on budget support in decentralized contexts and performance based (climate resilience) grants

    Background Over the last two decades, decentralisation has evolved as a mean to addressing various challenges in their local contexts, opening the way to a greater developmental role for local authorities. In line with the EU publication (2019), functional and fiscal reassignments within a country’...
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  2. WB/AFD Partnership - hybrid design training process "financial strategy tools for local governments".

    La 4ème session de ce dispositif se déroulera à partir du 3 février 2020 (à noter les 3 parcours débutent à la même date – pour une durée de 5 semaines). Les inscriptions se font en ligne du 2 décembre 2019 au 24 janvier 2020 : https://campus-collectivites-finances-locales.com/
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  3. Blockchain for digital government (Joint Research Centre - European Commission)

    Link: https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/publication/eur-scientific-and-technical-res... Abstract: This report looks at the ongoing exploration of blockchain technology by governments. The analysis of a group of pioneering developments of public services shows that blockchain technology can reduce...
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  4. UNCDF LoCAL report period of global expansion (2014-2018)

    The Local Climate Adaptive Living (LoCAL) facility’s latest report summarizes the activities and results from the first period of the programmes global expansion (2014-2018) in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Drawing on a range of experiences and good practices in LoCAL design and implementation...
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